Benefits of using bidets

Water is the best way to clean just about everything – our cars, our homes, ourselves. We use it to wash our bodies because it’s effective, comfortable and leaves us feeling refreshed. So why do we use dry toilet paper to clean the most sensitive areas of our body? Using a bidet changes all that. A cleansing, soothing water wash leaves you clean and shower-fresh all day long. Our bidet seats can be adjusted to suit your personal needs and enjoyed by anyone: male, female, young and elderly. Besides offering great benefits to users, bidets also help protect the environment. In Portugal we use 9kg of toilet paper per person in a year, which is over 2 million rolls of toilet paper every day, which wastes precious resources and damages the environment. The Banita bidet toilet seat reduces toilet paper consumption by 75% to give you not only a luxurious bathroom experience, but also a green lifestyle.


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