At you will discover the new shower-toilet-seat generation, a fresh and clean feeling at the touch of a button. Our bidets are an attractive alternative to the classic bidet and clean the intimate body parts with a pleasant and gentle shower spray. Our bidets can also be adjusted to your personal needs in many areas. Discover which bidet system suits you best!

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Travel bidet 2.0

The travel bidet (portable bidet) is versatile and can be used by both men and women offering you a high degree of personal hygiene.

59.00 €
You save 34 %
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg

Blooming NB-06 Básico sem tampa - água fria

Simples, barato e eficiente. Este bidé é montado na sua sanita existente, por baixo do seu assento sanitário.

95.00 €
You save 17 %
Delivery weight: 1 kg

Blooming NB-14 Básico - água fria

Além de ter um design brilhante, é simples, barato e eficiente! Manuseamento bastante compacto e discreto com ajuda de uma simples alavanca cromada.

195.00 €
You save 8 %
Delivery weight: 5 kg

Blooming NB-1120D Clássico

The classical shower toilet with heated water and seat with the best price/quality ratio. Efficient hygienic posterior & anterior cleaning.

415.00 €
You save 5 %
Delivery weight: 7 kg

Blooming NB-1160D Clássico Plus

The classical shower toilet, but now additionally with an integrated warm air dryer. Efficient hygienic posterior and anterior cleaning.

490.00 €
You save 11 %
Delivery weight: 7 kg

Blooming NB-660D Conforto

"The Original" from our German supplier with all the functions that a modern shower toilet needs. Excellent cleaning and drying.

535.00 €
You save 17 %
Delivery weight: 7 kg

New Popodusche NB-16D Conforto

The new COMFORT model with an attractive European design. Excellent cleaning and pleasant drying.

635.00 €
You save 10 %
Delivery weight: 7 kg

Blooming NB-R770D Sénior

A solid looking shower toilet with a large, even for elderly, easy-to-use remote control.

695.00 €
You save 7 %
Delivery weight: 7 kg

Blooming NB-R1060D De Luxo

Our deluxe model with beautiful design that fits seamlessly on each toilet. All the features you want, you operate by remote control.

770.00 €
You save 12 %
Delivery weight: 7 kg

Blooming NB-R1273D Top Executivo

This is the latest top model with a stylish design and compact remote control. Contains all the functions a modern shower toilet needs.

850.00 €
You save 6 %
Delivery weight: 7 kg

Popodusche ECO 2.0

The new Popodusche ECO 2.0 ShowerToilet with all the vital functions, rimless ceramic and an elegant European design.

Delivery weight: 38 kg

Popodusche PRO 2.0

The new Popodusche PRO 2.0 ShowerToilet is the full option version with rimless ceramic and an elegant European design.

Delivery weight: 38 kg