Questions about technology and functions

Might nozzle be soiled while defecating?
No, because the nozzle will only appear after defecation at a button press. Then after nozzle shower use the nozzle hides in the toilet seat and is cleaned automatically. 
How does the sterilization / cleaning filter work?
The filter is a special combination filter with colloidal silver and prevents the formation of bacteria and germs in the water tank and the nozzle head. 
Do I need a water filter for my device?
This is up to each user. The combi-filter is optionally available from our store and costs 24.90 EUR. Whoever believes that his water is of a good quality, can of course use the Sanita-Bidé without a filter. 
What is the function of the seat sensor?
The seat sensor also serves as a child safety device. This means only when a person is sitting on the toilet seat, the appliance is ready for operation.
How many different nozzles has a Sanita-Bidé?
All our appliances have only 1 shower-nozzle with 2 separate functions. One for the anal region and the other function is the special Lady douche. Inside the unit there is the self-cleaning nozzle, which automatically cleans the nozzle head before and after each use.

Usage related questions

Will the clothes get wet?
No, as this is not possible due to nozzle alignment.
Is the seat comfortable?
The seat is ergonomically adapted to the body shape, so the seat is very comfortable.
Can children and elderly people use and operate the appliance?
The device is very easy to control thanks to its simple operation and clear symbols.
How long does warm air drying last?
It should be mentioned that it is important to pat dry the anus and not rubbing to dry it out. Usually 2 minutes of blow drying is completely sufficient. 
Do you have to expect a high noise level?
No, because the blowdryer and the individual functions are very quiet. In addition, the seat ring and the lid are closed very gently thanks to a damper system, which means you do not have to endure the annoying popping of the toilet cover.
Is the water not too cold when using the Sanita-Bidé?
No, because you can regulate the water pressure as well as the water temperature, so that it is a pleasant feeling for every user.
What happens after the shower?
After showering, you will be dried for about 2 minutes by warm air. The temperature of the warm air can reach a maximum of 45 ° C in 6 steps.
Can the nozzle be dirty again after use and thus not be disinfected for the next user?
No, this can not happen because the nozzle automatically cleans itself before and after each use to ensure the cleanliness of the appliance. 
Is it necessary to switch off the appliance after every use?
No, because the device only runs when someone sits on the seat sensor. After 5 minutes of standstill, Sanita-Bidé switches off automatically and thus ensures economical energy consumption.

Installation and maintenance questions

How long does the assembly last?
Depending on the conditions and the nature of the water connection, the assembly lasts between 30 and max. 90 minutes.
You can mount the device yourself?
With the supplied accessories, any hobbyist can install the device himself.
How long does a filter last?
4000 uses (we recommend changing the filter once a year).
Who can be contacted if a defect occurs after the warranty period?
Even after the warranty period, we offer all spare parts and a repair service. For this purpose, please contact: BANITA, LDA., Praceta Palmira Bastos Nº34, 2625-481 FORTE DA CASA, Tel.: (+351) 218 042 532, E-mail: